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Happy Holidays

With the holidays already here, we’re reminded of how much we’ve enjoyed bringing you each issue of our online newsletter. From our readers’ feedback, there’s no doubt you seem to enjoy the articles we’re posting, and use the information we’re providing. That’s what it’s all about.

It’s also about connecting with our owners, which I’ve had the pleasure of doing face to face several times this year. I look forward to future opportunities to meet many of you at one of the many events planned for next year.

Until then, we’ll continue to connect with our Monaco Coach friends and provide interesting and informative content using today’s social networking channels. In the sidebar to the left of the page, you’ll find links to our Facebook and Twitter pages, company-related video via YouTube, owner photos via Flickr, as well as our official Monaco Coach website, Owners Club website and events calendar.

If this is your first time reading our newsletter, and you would like to receive it on a monthly basis, click here to sign up. Here’s wishing you and your family the very best this holiday season.

Mike Snell
Vice President of Sales